About My 2016

2016 has been teaching me millions of invaluable value in its single seconds since it started 365 days ago. The path that I took after started to leaving schools is a tremendously unregretful. I started my 2016 with a left-school status with a gigantic enthusiasm of tech. I attended dozens of talk events to learn and absorb as much as I could. One of the biggest conference in early 2016 I attended is Tech In Asia in Singapore. I met Jeremy, he is one of the cool speakers and we had a talk after he was off stage. He is a cool guy with a super great mind. He dropped out from MIT and created a computer science school in San Francisco that come with a supervision to create a college replacement for founders and developers under a big name of Y Combinator. I got admitted with a scholarship covered to the school.

I started my tech journey after broke up with my girlfriend in early 2016. My last 6 months in San Francisco outside and inside the school has been going super awesome. Normally, I spend 6 hours a day to just write a code. I shipped my first app to the App Store, finished at least 57 small to medium projects, and solved more than 50 HackerRank challenge. I attended at least 9 hackathons so far and won one of them. One of the hackathons I attended is the biggest hackathon in the world. I attended dozens of tech and developer talks that crowded by people we only know the names when we read news in TechCrunch. Patrick Alexis, one of my best friend, a roommate, an Udacity self-driving car engineer, and a Pandora software engineer is a person that inspires me so much to how I should learn computer science that persistence is a key to how Silicon Valley works. Now, Thankfully, I’m officially an iOS Developer under the name of Apple Developer Program. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is my next thing to explore in 2017.img_0682

I know I will never reach this point if I’m in a college spending my whole time for a bunch of exams, looking for the best grade for my entire 4 years. By having an uncertainty that I will never have a degree, I have a unique challenge that the only thing I could sell to people is my own self and what do I have. Instead of just a 0 to 4 scaled number that only represents of how “student” I am. By now, I know, leaving college is the best gift I could get so far. More than that, staying in the area that people called Silicon Valley, work and learn together alongside with the best coders in this world is the only best college replacement for me.

There are more gifts that I couldn’t mention in this limited character caption. But what makes 2016 become so special is my last gift in late 2016. Aninda is a big surprise I got in the end 2016. We’re all knew that the best way to find something missing is when we do not look for it. Aninda comes to me in an unexpected way with all of the unexpected things she has for me at the time I gave up looking for something like her. She is a kind of human being with all of her super unpredictable stuff. Someone that will always there whenever I am done debugging. Someone that always respect my way of life and vision no matters the kind of step that I took even if it is different than others.

I’ve done more in 2016 than I ever imagined I would. Looking back a year before, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. San Francisco and Aninda are the best gifts in my lifetime with a grand view.

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The Grand View


One thought on “About My 2016

  1. What a brave and huge decision!
    By the way, my name’s Dedy. I am a final year student at SBM ITB. I was supposed to graduate last October 2016, but yeah there were lots of things happened. At the first year of my academic life in SBM ITB, I was already considering of leaving school, but I was not really brave to take the risk so I decided to stay. However, even until now, that thoughts remain still. Every single day, what I am doing is just simply trying my best on my academic life hoping that I can graduate and get a proper job so that I can make my families happy, but deep inside, I know that there is something missing. So, It would be great if you can share me more about your story, especially regarding to your decision of leaving school. Therefore, would you mind give me your contact where we can communicate directly hoping to give me insights for what I am currently struggling? Thank you.

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