Everything I Feel about Fall

Fall near the Termin fountain, Stanford

Mid fall in Palo Alto, everything is just turned brownish and red. The light blue of the sky looks sexy without any clouds with it and just gold sunlight spreading with green grass . It was not too warm at that day but the falling leaves make it feels warmer and soft. In the mean time of intention and everything behind that, I just someone who don’t believe in the will of love itself. It is too risky and full of expectancy and has the higher chance of error and misleading.

I know I never tried to love the fall at first. But it just too pretty to be ignored. Everything feels like in their perfect combination of tone. I like it, seriously! Never feel this kind of introduction before. It was like the new thing for me — at least — again. This is the reasons why I started to love parks, sunset, and elevation but never feel wasting time when I’m really wasting it. It is really beautiful to know who fall really is and make discovery day by day that it is so fascinating. I’m not talking about a season. I’m talking and being amazed about an entity.


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