How I Live with Apple Watch Series 2 and Returned It After 2 Weeks

I rushed to the Caltrain station after I checked they have Apple Watch series 2 today in Stanford Apple Store. I walked down the street while Apple specialist is speaking on phone that I hold to my ear. I have earpod in my backpack but I don’t have time to fix their tangled cable before I can use it. Yes, it was earpod with lightning cable, I started to get used to living without 3.5mm headphone Jack. I went to Palo Alto is just because that is the only Apple Store at that time that has space gray apple watch series 2 ready in stock. If I can’t get that, I should wait for a pre-order that going to be delivered in mid-November. “Okay Putra we already place your order Apple Watch series 2 42 mm with sports band” she said on a phone after I spell my credit card number for payment process for her. I arrived in Apple Store Stanford after 45 minutes in Caltrain. Fortunately, I got a baby bullet so I arrived early in Palo Alto. I got my Apple Watch series 2. This is my first Apple Watch. I can’t stop staring at my wrist at that time while I walking back to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, I was super excited.
Some reason I bought an Apple Watch series 2 is also because most of the review that I read told me the new generation of Apple Watch is just so much faster, water resistant, has a brighter screen, and last longer. Then apparently, it was incredibly awesome for some of the reasons. The built-in GPS made me be able to run from my apartment through Market street to Ferry Building terminal and back again without bringing my iPhone with me. Plus the series 2 secretly has built in wifi. So technically how the watch connected with our iPhone is with Bluetooth but when the iPhone is out of reach by using Bluetooth the Watch will use wifi to connect. It is really cool. If you have MacBook and it’s locked, your watch will be there to make your MacBook always automatically unlocked whenever you want to use it. For activity and fitness, I always reach my intermediate move target every day. The watch makes me move more than I’ve ever been before. Always remind me to stand whenever I work with my laptop and sit too much. The breath reminder is just incredible as well. It reminds you to do some breath deep in 1 minute every couple of hours, mindfulness.
It has been almost 2 weeks since I bought it. I used my watch mostly for notification. The speak dictation for replying iMessage is really cool. I tried to make a call from my watch too, it just looks cool. I do use my Apple watch as replacement of my iPhone or debit card to several merchants like Walgreens to make a payment. When I was in a concert, I use Eventbrite in my watch to show the barcode to a scanner, but sometimes it just feels awkward for me when everyone look at me for what I was doing with my wrist.

My favorite watch face

Don’t ask me how many devices should I charge everyday when I’m home. I need to not forget to charge my Macbook, iPhone, Watch, power bank, and headphone at the same time. It just complicated and too much now. What I mentioned in the third paragraph is not even a feature that you could only use if you have an Apple Watch. It is on your iPhone, you don’t need a watch to do all of that stuff. To be honest with you, I was pretty much happy with what my Apple Watch at least for the first week.
I almost forget I have an apple watch in my second week with it. I can say what it does for me is just pretty much 4 things. Show me time, notification, unlock my Macbook, and Apple Pay. Since I’m not a person who doing fitness activity very often then I realize this Apple Watch is just not for me. But it doesn’t mean Apple Watch is a bad product, for now, it is a really perfect companion for athletes, someone who loves run, or someone who frequently do a workout. But I believe with all of the potential and how this device collects our health data today, it will be a good device for our health control, illness prevention, or even help doctor to diagnose in the future where everyone would probably need that.
Apple Watch series 2 is a good product and way much better then its successor. But for what it has today, it is a great fitness companion and I believe it is going to be an investment for athletes or people do workout frequently. But for me, I just need more battery and features that I can’t do with iPhone. For every pain that I have when I need to charge this watch every 2 days and the price it has, I decided to return it back to Apple store tonight and get my 400 and a half bucks back. Let see if black Friday in November can change my mind. Well… Good night Apple Watch, there is always tomorrow, or version 3. Thank you for a good time in the last 2 weeks.

I returned my Apple Watch Series 2 back to Apple Store

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