What do I think about Instagram Stories


Our group stand up this morning just made me put my mind on this interesting issue, somebody just became really hate this young billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg after being his biggest fan for several years . The tech industry war just started over in past couple of hours between two big social media services. Zuckerberg just launched a new feature in Instagram called stories, the thing that has already launched by Snapchat back to 2008. Instagram copied it really perfect and even better. In a short conclusion I do like it.

I like how Instagram stories let people be able to customized their doodling pointer. It looks way more fancier to me than just a regular circle pointer to draw that Snapchat only offers in their doodling experience. The one more thing that impressed me is Instagram stories filter. Even they have no dog filter, but it looks more artsy when let me post stories as a piece of art instead just as a cheesy 10 secs video. To be honest I’m not a big fan of geofilter and smart filter feature of snapchat.

But as we know the bad thing about that is the Instagram stories feature is not original that would be something that just made some people lost their respect to Mark Zuckerberg as an innovative icon from Menlo Park. Snapchat is not the only service that Facebook clone in his own entire business. Periscope, a live video service from Twitter is also a victim after Facebook launched its own live video service called Facebook live in early of 2016. By the all ecosystem of Facebook has, every time they clone all of those service Facebook will always win the cloning process by not only clone it but also has the better feature that the original version doesn’t has yet.

Mark Zuckerburg first post in Instagram stories showing all of his grey t-shirt that he use everyday.

Back to 2012, Facebook has one unsuccessful story about cloning. It’s about Facebook Poke that launched in 2012 and dead in 2014. Facebook Poke is also give the same service as what Snapchat has. A chat that disappeared after someone opened and read that. Don’t expect too much different between Facebook Poke and Snapchat in 2012 because it is totally same. The only different that Facebook might be has is only the terms and conditions agreement that almost nobody read it before sign up. Then this story has a sad ending by dead 2 years after it launched.

Ethically, Zuckerberg just made a really shitty move and unrespectful act for these day tech industry, especially because we know he known as an innovative guy who invent Facebook and dropped out from Harvard to fight for his super company. But I can’t lie that Instagram has the better product for the service they give that I can’t hate. Except for the smart filter that Snapchat offer, I don’t really use that feature in most occasion. At the end, thumbs up for Instagram stories and thumbs down for the cloning. Let’s see if Zuckerberg has a plan to clone Pokemon Go as future product.





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