What is Love Defined by Me

love-love-33915309-1920-1200Love is not a game. It’s totally not the place that give you something fun or where you can found dolls or some little car toys you will always broke after you playing with it when you want. Everything you did is will always have impact specially for your psychology experience.
Love is not a play. Love is not same like my friend’s marketing definition. He said that marketing is about how well you lying and persuade people to give their money for some shits you sells. Love is not like a bullshits of marketing system build.
If you said a love with your own definition, I’ll guarantee there is no laboratory that can scientifically
proves your love definition and all this theory to make it turn become a generated law. Love is not depending on how your textbook describe it or explain. You will not found a love on your browser when you search it on Google. Because for me, love is only thought by your deep of deepest heart. Then you will heard that love is about how you take and keep a commitment with someone by a unreasonable like and promise to stay your heart together with no any excuses. And last but not least, love is not how your left brain and my left brain thinks.


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