About My 2016

2016 has been teaching me millions of invaluable value in its single seconds since it started 365 days ago. The path that I took after started to leaving schools is a tremendously unregretful. I started my 2016 with a left-school status with a gigantic enthusiasm of tech. I attended dozens of talk events to learn and absorb as much as I could. One of the biggest conference in early 2016 I attended is Tech In Asia in Singapore. I met Jeremy, he is one of the cool speakers and we had a talk after he was off stage. He is a cool guy with a super great mind. He dropped out from MIT and created a computer science school in San Francisco that come with a supervision to create a college replacement for founders and developers under a big name of Y Combinator. I got admitted with a scholarship covered to the school.

I started my tech journey after broke up with my girlfriend in early 2016. My last 6 months in San Francisco outside and inside the school has been going super awesome. Normally, I spend 6 hours a day to just write a code. I shipped my first app to the App Store, finished at least 57 small to medium projects, and solved more than 50 HackerRank challenge. I attended at least 9 hackathons so far and won one of them. One of the hackathons I attended is the biggest hackathon in the world. I attended dozens of tech and developer talks that crowded by people we only know the names when we read news in TechCrunch. Patrick Alexis, one of my best friend, a roommate, an Udacity self-driving car engineer, and a Pandora software engineer is a person that inspires me so much to how I should learn computer science that persistence is a key to how Silicon Valley works. Now, Thankfully, I’m officially an iOS Developer under the name of Apple Developer Program. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is my next thing to explore in 2017.img_0682

I know I will never reach this point if I’m in a college spending my whole time for a bunch of exams, looking for the best grade for my entire 4 years. By having an uncertainty that I will never have a degree, I have a unique challenge that the only thing I could sell to people is my own self and what do I have. Instead of just a 0 to 4 scaled number that only represents of how “student” I am. By now, I know, leaving college is the best gift I could get so far. More than that, staying in the area that people called Silicon Valley, work and learn together alongside with the best coders in this world is the only best college replacement for me.

There are more gifts that I couldn’t mention in this limited character caption. But what makes 2016 become so special is my last gift in late 2016. Aninda is a big surprise I got in the end 2016. We’re all knew that the best way to find something missing is when we do not look for it. Aninda comes to me in an unexpected way with all of the unexpected things she has for me at the time I gave up looking for something like her. She is a kind of human being with all of her super unpredictable stuff. Someone that will always there whenever I am done debugging. Someone that always respect my way of life and vision no matters the kind of step that I took even if it is different than others.

I’ve done more in 2016 than I ever imagined I would. Looking back a year before, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. San Francisco and Aninda are the best gifts in my lifetime with a grand view.

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The Grand View


Everything I Feel about Fall

Fall near the Termin fountain, Stanford

Mid fall in Palo Alto, everything is just turned brownish and red. The light blue of the sky looks sexy without any clouds with it and just gold sunlight spreading with green grass . It was not too warm at that day but the falling leaves make it feels warmer and soft. In the mean time of intention and everything behind that, I just someone who don’t believe in the will of love itself. It is too risky and full of expectancy and has the higher chance of error and misleading.

I know I never tried to love the fall at first. But it just too pretty to be ignored. Everything feels like in their perfect combination of tone. I like it, seriously! Never feel this kind of introduction before. It was like the new thing for me — at least — again. This is the reasons why I started to love parks, sunset, and elevation but never feel wasting time when I’m really wasting it. It is really beautiful to know who fall really is and make discovery day by day that it is so fascinating. I’m not talking about a season. I’m talking and being amazed about an entity.

How I Live with Apple Watch Series 2 and Returned It After 2 Weeks

I rushed to the Caltrain station after I checked they have Apple Watch series 2 today in Stanford Apple Store. I walked down the street while Apple specialist is speaking on phone that I hold to my ear. I have earpod in my backpack but I don’t have time to fix their tangled cable before I can use it. Yes, it was earpod with lightning cable, I started to get used to living without 3.5mm headphone Jack. I went to Palo Alto is just because that is the only Apple Store at that time that has space gray apple watch series 2 ready in stock. If I can’t get that, I should wait for a pre-order that going to be delivered in mid-November. “Okay Putra we already place your order Apple Watch series 2 42 mm with sports band” she said on a phone after I spell my credit card number for payment process for her. I arrived in Apple Store Stanford after 45 minutes in Caltrain. Fortunately, I got a baby bullet so I arrived early in Palo Alto. I got my Apple Watch series 2. This is my first Apple Watch. I can’t stop staring at my wrist at that time while I walking back to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, I was super excited.
Some reason I bought an Apple Watch series 2 is also because most of the review that I read told me the new generation of Apple Watch is just so much faster, water resistant, has a brighter screen, and last longer. Then apparently, it was incredibly awesome for some of the reasons. The built-in GPS made me be able to run from my apartment through Market street to Ferry Building terminal and back again without bringing my iPhone with me. Plus the series 2 secretly has built in wifi. So technically how the watch connected with our iPhone is with Bluetooth but when the iPhone is out of reach by using Bluetooth the Watch will use wifi to connect. It is really cool. If you have MacBook and it’s locked, your watch will be there to make your MacBook always automatically unlocked whenever you want to use it. For activity and fitness, I always reach my intermediate move target every day. The watch makes me move more than I’ve ever been before. Always remind me to stand whenever I work with my laptop and sit too much. The breath reminder is just incredible as well. It reminds you to do some breath deep in 1 minute every couple of hours, mindfulness.
It has been almost 2 weeks since I bought it. I used my watch mostly for notification. The speak dictation for replying iMessage is really cool. I tried to make a call from my watch too, it just looks cool. I do use my Apple watch as replacement of my iPhone or debit card to several merchants like Walgreens to make a payment. When I was in a concert, I use Eventbrite in my watch to show the barcode to a scanner, but sometimes it just feels awkward for me when everyone look at me for what I was doing with my wrist.

My favorite watch face

Don’t ask me how many devices should I charge everyday when I’m home. I need to not forget to charge my Macbook, iPhone, Watch, power bank, and headphone at the same time. It just complicated and too much now. What I mentioned in the third paragraph is not even a feature that you could only use if you have an Apple Watch. It is on your iPhone, you don’t need a watch to do all of that stuff. To be honest with you, I was pretty much happy with what my Apple Watch at least for the first week.
I almost forget I have an apple watch in my second week with it. I can say what it does for me is just pretty much 4 things. Show me time, notification, unlock my Macbook, and Apple Pay. Since I’m not a person who doing fitness activity very often then I realize this Apple Watch is just not for me. But it doesn’t mean Apple Watch is a bad product, for now, it is a really perfect companion for athletes, someone who loves run, or someone who frequently do a workout. But I believe with all of the potential and how this device collects our health data today, it will be a good device for our health control, illness prevention, or even help doctor to diagnose in the future where everyone would probably need that.
Apple Watch series 2 is a good product and way much better then its successor. But for what it has today, it is a great fitness companion and I believe it is going to be an investment for athletes or people do workout frequently. But for me, I just need more battery and features that I can’t do with iPhone. For every pain that I have when I need to charge this watch every 2 days and the price it has, I decided to return it back to Apple store tonight and get my 400 and a half bucks back. Let see if black Friday in November can change my mind. Well… Good night Apple Watch, there is always tomorrow, or version 3. Thank you for a good time in the last 2 weeks.

I returned my Apple Watch Series 2 back to Apple Store

What Makes Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg Different Than Most of Today Entrepreneur

Back to 2002 when Mark Zuckerberg still becomes an awesome tech person in this history. He and three of his classmates — Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz created Facemash in his second year when he studied psychology at Harvard. The website was set up as a type of “hot or not” game for Harvard students. The website allowed visitors to compare two student pictures side-by-side and let them decide who was hot or not. This is how Facebook embryo was created incidentally before he launched theFacebook in 2004 and copied most of features from Snapchat in 2016.

The same story comes from Cupertino in 1976 when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple in a residential garage. According to Steve Jobs biography that I read written by Walter Isaacson, Wozniak was born in 1950 and Steve Jobs is in 1955 but they have a bunches of similarity each other. Wozniak grew up as a really self-talented electrical hobbyist. His father, Francis Jacob Wozniak is an electrical engineer graduate from California Technology Institute. In the other side, Steve Jobs grew up with his adoptive father Paul Jobs which is a mechanic. Even though he doesn’t like mechanical stuff. Jobs love electronics, he did some pranks with his love with electronics. Jobs and Wozniak have been become a friend for a long time before they build a blue box. Wozniak is a guy who did a lot of pranks too with electronics. In 1972 on one occasion Wozniak dialed Vatican City and identified himself as Henry Kissinger and asked to speak to the Pope (who was sleeping at the time) with a device they called Blue Box. With this device, they are able to enter operator mode so they can make a long distance call for free. This is the first product before they created Apple Computer in 1976.

But the idea is I don’t think Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did all of that stuff because they want to create a company, even Mark Zuckerberg either. They started all of the business without expecting to be a company or even to be rich. This is actually what Mark Zuckerberg said when he was interviewed by Y Combinator President Sam Altman a couple of weeks ago.

The entrepreneurs should do is pick something they care about, work on it, but don’t actually commit to turning it into a company until it’s working. If you look the data of the very best company that ever got built, there is a tremendous percentage of them have been built in that way and not from the people who decide at the front that they want to start a company. Because you can just lock in some local minimal all of the time or local maximum.

The one thing that makes a different between today entrepreneur and these big name has they started company not because they want to, it’s just because they need to. The project that they create was incidentally like by a bunch of people. But the most important thing that they had at that time is the solid motivation because they love doing it doesn’t matter it was for a prank or just a hobby. After all of those, we should believe and agree that most of the beautiful product in this world was born from hands who built and engraved it with a love and passion for the product itself, not the money behind or even just a a founder or CEO of something that you will have in your LinkedIn profile. If your mission is just to gain your self-esteem and being cocky after that please stop and ask yourself before you burn some investor cash.


This article is dedicated for remembering 5 years Steve Jobs death for all of his passion, innovations, and great mind he had in modern computer industry.

Stay hungry stay foolish

My 17 Miles Walking Trip

I didn’t do sport for a really long time since I move to San Francisco. I gained weight couple of kilograms, gained enough to gives my cheeks an extra massive volume. In my first attempt, accidentally went to Fisherman Wharf by running through Chinatown which is a really bad track to run. I didn’t know Chinatown was super crowded, plus it has a market along the street on the sidewalk. It was really Asian, I didn’t even remember that I was in San Francisco by walking through this neighborhood.

Weekday is really crowded of errands for me. I get up every morning and need to be in office before 9am. Morning in San Francisco is really chilly. It sometimes makes me stick to my lovely bed when I found myself get the light that coming through the window is not sunny enough. It is always foggy in San Francisco in almost every day that I had. The 12-degree celsius temperature always success made my self pull back the blanket. I almost always showing up late at the office in the last couple of days. I’m having a crunch time working on my project until a really late night. I normally get off from office after 5 pm every day and still have to face my 15-inch screen when I’m home. By sitting on the chair for really long hours and starring on screen even until I’m laying off on bed preparing for sleep, I’m done and my body is bored.

I start my first ever running in San Francisco by started it from my apartment which is 2 blocks west of Union Square, headed to north through super crowded Chinatown, Columbus avenue, Lombard street and stopped in Fisherman Wharf. I plan this run mission when I was in my first week in San Francisco but I never make it. My goal is solid, I want to finish this mission by reaching the highest hill in Sausalito so I can get a really nice view right to San Francisco skyline and the bridge in one frame. Until I didn’t realize my phone dead after a couple of minutes I ran. I get lost in the middle of San Francisco city just because I really depend on maps on my phone. I kept walking to the north by assuming I can found north beach on me. After few blocks I found my self ended up in Girardheli Square. “Oh god, you saved me”.

“Number 8 please”, An In N Out crew calling me out from the table asking me to pick up my order. It was an opposite way to lose weight. I ate 220 calories of meals after ran for 45 minutes, burned 168 calories, and get lost with an out of juice phone. What a best example of a burning calories activity! I went to this Fisherman Wharf couple of times before so I know what cable car line shall I take to get my ass back to my apartment and abandon this mission.

It was 2 and half on my watch, I don’t even complete a 50% progress by reaching Fisherman Wharf and now I’m going back to the start point, I move 0 of miles. My phone didn’t even charged enough to get me reach the bridge and get back again to home today. I still really relying on Apple Maps for getting know what bus should I take from one point to another in this foggy city. I don’t want to let my self lost anymore. That was my best lost experience ever and I’m good to not going out without a full of battery of phone. I have a lot shits to do instead of getting lost in the middle of blocks.

The impulsive side of me took the decision. I grab my 1 kilogram 27000 power bank by back to the apartment to run with me after starring on my screen scrolling up my Instagram feed. It was kind of a weird run when you hold a really not portable power source with you while you run. I can’t put them on my pocket so I was hold it with along running. To be honest it is a really big power bank, I normally put it in my backpack while I’m charging my phone.

I stopped in couple of sites. Two of them is National Cemetery of US and The Walt Disney Family Museum. I didn’t even know that Walt Disney was living in San Francisco in some part of his life. It was really cool inside, couple of furnitures that Walt used when he was living near Presidio area is still there. I’m not a really in to Disney. I’m more to a Pixar person, but this $15 museum trip was a great visit that makes me become really believe that behind the big success there is a one big struggle that people can not see in the process. Walt was not born in a rich Family. He grew up in a agrarian family that doesn’t support little Walt to do art. He was selling drawing to his neighbor to make extra money when young Walt try to afford school. Walt makes me realize in one moment that nobody live without struggle and obstacle. It’s always okay to be failed and you keep doing it as an idiot but once you quit there is a different thing of a failure. Then my museum walk stopped on a big white wall with a quote of uncle Walt

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you”

I took a long deep breath.

The Golden Gate Bridge view was showing up in one of the window in the museum as a call that I need to leave before the day get too cold to be on the peak. I almost ended my trip by visiting the museum because it looks like a really long bridge and it is literally a really long bridge. The cold pacific ocean wind hit my skin in a super cold way few second before I cross the bridge. It was 12 deg celsius and I just wearing a short pants and a t-shirt under my hoodie jacket. I just felt like I need more layers with me at that time. The wind in the middle of bridge become so lit than I predicted makes it felt like 5 deg. I ran faster to makes my self keep warm up.

I reached the other side of the bridge after being frozen by the breezy wind. It was shorter than as I predicted before I crossed. But I felt a lot of pain on my feet inside my shoes. I can not walk normally after that. The view of San Francisco skyline that I can see from the bridge made me really enjoying the run and forget how long the bridge that I’ve crossed and how. It’s really beautiful. I kept trying to walk to the hill until I stopped and get my shoes off because it was getting much worse. Then I saw some blisters on some spots. some of them have a little bleed. By how far that I was at that time I think I can’t just abandon my goal to reach the peak. More than that, I was almost there.

I kept walking to the peak with these blisters which I know getting much and much horrible. Then I take a real run to hike the hill without a stop because I know, I will feel the pain when I stopped. Then I stopped 20 minutes after I start hiked up for the all of the pain that I accumulate and for the view I just had. It was at 8pm when I reached the Sausalito. The sun almost touched the pacific surface on my right side of view. By all of I got on peak It makes me forget the process that I took by running 17 miles before reach that. It was fascinating. To be honest the longest marathon that I’ve ever had in my life is just a 3 miles. That’s not even long enough to call a marathon. I can stay longer if I want to see sunset from that point but the wind up there is super heavy and cold.

This peak called Bettery Spencer, this area was used in World War I and II by US army to defending Bay Area from attack of enemy troops. The location is super strategic by being a point where we can watch the pacific ocean and San Francisco bay area in one view. I still can see some barrack and old building from World War in the area while I was hiking up to the peak.

Then suddenly at this moment, it recalls me when Steve Jobs had a speech in Stanford in 2005,

“If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backward 10 years later.

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

The thing I want to share is not my shitty 17 miles run (which I should not proud for)  but what is behind that I really want to tell you. The process often makes us confuse and we always wondering what will happen next. We will never know when we just need to go back after you draining of power. It might be not bring you moving anywhere but at least you go back to bring up what you really need to makes you move further and take you into your real direction. I will never know that moving 0 miles by doing a lot of effort was part of the process should I took. But as what Steve said, “You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” and at that time all of your question about why this and why that will be answered by your self. That’s how I never regret on my fails

San Francisco Skyline and The Golden Gate bridge from Battery Spencer.

What do I think about Instagram Stories


Our group stand up this morning just made me put my mind on this interesting issue, somebody just became really hate this young billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg after being his biggest fan for several years . The tech industry war just started over in past couple of hours between two big social media services. Zuckerberg just launched a new feature in Instagram called stories, the thing that has already launched by Snapchat back to 2008. Instagram copied it really perfect and even better. In a short conclusion I do like it.

I like how Instagram stories let people be able to customized their doodling pointer. It looks way more fancier to me than just a regular circle pointer to draw that Snapchat only offers in their doodling experience. The one more thing that impressed me is Instagram stories filter. Even they have no dog filter, but it looks more artsy when let me post stories as a piece of art instead just as a cheesy 10 secs video. To be honest I’m not a big fan of geofilter and smart filter feature of snapchat.

But as we know the bad thing about that is the Instagram stories feature is not original that would be something that just made some people lost their respect to Mark Zuckerberg as an innovative icon from Menlo Park. Snapchat is not the only service that Facebook clone in his own entire business. Periscope, a live video service from Twitter is also a victim after Facebook launched its own live video service called Facebook live in early of 2016. By the all ecosystem of Facebook has, every time they clone all of those service Facebook will always win the cloning process by not only clone it but also has the better feature that the original version doesn’t has yet.

Mark Zuckerburg first post in Instagram stories showing all of his grey t-shirt that he use everyday.

Back to 2012, Facebook has one unsuccessful story about cloning. It’s about Facebook Poke that launched in 2012 and dead in 2014. Facebook Poke is also give the same service as what Snapchat has. A chat that disappeared after someone opened and read that. Don’t expect too much different between Facebook Poke and Snapchat in 2012 because it is totally same. The only different that Facebook might be has is only the terms and conditions agreement that almost nobody read it before sign up. Then this story has a sad ending by dead 2 years after it launched.

Ethically, Zuckerberg just made a really shitty move and unrespectful act for these day tech industry, especially because we know he known as an innovative guy who invent Facebook and dropped out from Harvard to fight for his super company. But I can’t lie that Instagram has the better product for the service they give that I can’t hate. Except for the smart filter that Snapchat offer, I don’t really use that feature in most occasion. At the end, thumbs up for Instagram stories and thumbs down for the cloning. Let’s see if Zuckerberg has a plan to clone Pokemon Go as future product.




7 Tips Menjadi Produktif di Kamar Kos

Bagi sebagian orang terlihat berantakan tapi untuk laki-laki kamar saya ini sudah termasuk rapi kok.
Bagi sebagian orang terlihat berantakan tapi untuk laki-laki kamar saya ini sudah termasuk rapi kok.

Jika kamu adalah mahasiswa, anak kosan, yang harus sering berjibaku dengan deadline dan tidak cukup banyak uang dan ruang di dalam kamar kosan kamu maka saya rasa kamu perlu membaca tips berikut ini hingga akhir untuk memberikan kenyamanan bekerja yang baik saat berada di kamar kosan.
Sebenarnya bekerja di dalam kamar kosan kurang baik untuk beberapa hal terutama berkaitan dengan masalah psikologi kita terhadap ruang. Ruangan kosan yang biasanya berukuran 3×3 meter yang dimana berisi tempat tidur, meja belajar, lemari, dan WC biasanya membuat otak bekerja keras untuk terbiasa melakukan aktifitas tanpa sinyal khusus yang biasa didapat ketika kita beraktifitas di rumah. Sejatinya, ruang bekerja, kamar tidur, ruang makan, sebainyak melakukan fungsinya masing-masing sesuai peruntukannya masing-masing. Namun di dalam kamar kos, semua aktifitas yang harusnya dilakukan di ruangan yang berbeda-beda dilakukan di dalam satu ruangan yang kita kenal dengan kamar. Maka penting bagi kita untuk melakukan aktifitas di kamar kos dengan membagi-bagi space sesuai peruntukan aktifitasnya. Hal ini pulalah yang sebenarnya sering menjadi penyebab kenapa anak kosan lebih cenderung sulit tidur dibanding mereka yang tidak tinggal di kamar kos. Ini kemungkinan besar disebabkan oleh sebagian besar aktifitas dilakukan di atas tempat tidur sehingga otak sulit mengenali kapan ia harusnya tidur walaupun kita sudah berbaring di atas tempat tidur dan bersiap untuk tidur. Maka dari itu dibawah ini saya berusaha memberikan tips yang tepat untuk kita dapat menjadi lebih teratur dalam beraktifitas di dalam satu ruang.

1. Tempat Tidur hanya untuk tidur.
Sering kali kita tidak sadar di dalam kamar kosan hampir dari setiap aktifitas kita lakukan di atas tempat tidur. Hal ini sebenarnya kurang baik dan dapat dikategorikan sebagai kebiasaan buruk karena bisa saja berefek pada hal lain seperti kebiasaan tidur yang buruk atau bisa saja sulit konsentrasi di kamar kosan saat belajar.
Cara mensiasati hal ini adalah dengan membagi ruang kamar kos kamu berdasarkan dengan peruntukannya. Misalnya lakukan segala pekerjaan di atas meja belajar, makan dan aktifitas pendukung lakukan di lantai, dan tidur hanya di atas tempat tidur. Hal ini sangat membantu otak kamu untuk mengenali lingkunagan dan melakukan tugas sesuai dengan tempatnya dengan konsentrasi penuh. Namun apabila kamar kusan kamu terbilang kecil dan sulit apabila membuat peruntukan tempat di dalamnya bisa disiasati dengan hal lain. Otak mengenali sensor dari keseluruh indra termasuk pendengaran dan penglihatan. Hal lain yang cukup membantu adalah dengan membuat playlist khusus masing-masing untuk belajar, bermain, atau makan. Namun jika kamu tidak terbasa dengan musik saat belajar bisa disiasati juga dengan membuat settingan lampu yang berbeda. Siapkan 3 lampu dengan warna yang kalau bisa berbeda untuk tidur, aktifitas biasa, dan belajar. Kuncinya adalah pergunakan lampu tersebut hanya jika kamu beraktifitas sesuai dengan fungsi lampu masing-masing. Misalnya saat belajar nyalakan lampu utama dan lampu belajar, saat tidur nyalakan lampu tidur, dan saat beraktifitas biasa nyalakan lampu utama saja. Ini sangat membantu. Dan satu lagi, hindari posisi tempat tidur yang dekat dengan colokan. Saya rasa kita semua mengerti alasannya.

2. Jaga Kamar Tetap Teratur
Percaya atau tidak membersihkan kamar adalah salah satu cara untuk kamu bisa selalu bersemangat untuk beraktifitas produktif di kamar kos. Fungsi ini mirip seperti efek yang kamu dapatkan saat kamu belanja ke sebuah toko buku untuk berburu stationary. Hal sederhana seperti ini tanpa kamu sadari dapat mengkalibrasi ulang semangat dari dalam diri kamu sendiri. Paling tidak saat kamu membeli sebuah pensil baru kamu menjadi tidak sabar untuk menggunakanna begitu pula saat kamu rajin merapikan kamar. Kamu menjadi lebih bersemangat untuk produktif, mengerjakan tugas, dan lain-lain.
Simpan barang-barang yang intensitas penggunaannya jarang ke dalam lemari atau box penyimpanan. Ini memberikan kesan lapang dan membuat kamu nyaman serta memberikan ruang lebih jika kamu ingin menyiapkan masing-masing area untuk fungsinya masing-masing. Dan terakhir kebiasaan buruk kita adalah terlalu banyak menyimpan barang yang sebenarnya sudah tidak dipakai lagi. Bila perlu mungkin kamu jual atau disumbangkan. Tapi jika sudah tidak layak lagi sudah waktunya mungkin barang itu kamu buang.

3. Berkumpulah dengan Teman-teman
Jangan sampai nyaman di kamar kos membuat kamu menjadi antisosial. Kadang terlalu sering di dalam kamar juga kurang baik walaupun sebenarnya bagi sebagian orang meninggalkan pekerjaan adalah buang-buang waktu. Tapi percayalah hal ini tetap diperlukan minimal untuk menjalin koneksi dan mencari inspirasi untuk pekerjaan yang sedang kamu kerjakan.
Solusi: Bagi sebagian mahasiswa tentu sulit untuk menyisihkan waktu namun jika kamu meger keluar lagi setelah berada di kosan mungkin kamu bisa menyisihkan waktu setelah kuliah selesai untuk tetap di kampus. Mungkin sudah waktunya pribahasa banyak anak banyak rezeki menjadi banyak teman banyak rezeki.

4. Jangan hidup tanpa bacaan
Membaca adalah kebiasaan yang sangat baik yang perlu dibiasakan sejak muda untuk menambah wawasan, menambah kosakata, dan melatih otak menyusun struktur kata yang baik. Namun banyak dari kita yang bermasalah untuk memulai kebiasaan baru tapi perlu kamu yakini untuk mengeluarkan energi lebih besar di awal saat mencoba menanamkan kebiasaan baru dalam hidup kamu. Lagi pula ini bisa menjadi kebiasaan yang positif dibandingkan kamu harus menghabiskan waktu untuk bermain game yang jika sudah menimbulkan adiksi akan menyulitkan.
Mulailah dengan banyak membaca. Jika kamu tidak terlalu suka dengan bacaan yang panjang bisa dimulai dengan artikel artikel online. Untuk artikel online saya biasa membaca di Flipboard. Flipboard menyidakan layanan kurasi berita dari berbagai macam situs populer di dunia dan ini bisa dikonfigurasi sesuai dengan minat dan interest kita masing masing. Selain menambah wawasan dengan membaca artikel di Flipboard yang umumnya banyak diisi dengan bahasa inggris kamu bisa ikut melatih kemampuan bahasa inggris tanpa perlu kursus. Untuk situs favorit sendiri berikut beberapa situs yang saya bookmark di hompage browser saya.
mayoritas dari daftar situs di atas mengandung informasi mengenai perkembangan teknologi, psikologi, bisnis, ekonomi, seni, desain, dan budaya.
Jika sudah cukup advance tidak ada salahnya dengan membiasakan membaca buku real. Untuk buku saya lebih prefer untuk tidak membaca melalui ebook jika kamu baru-baru awal memulai untuk membaca buku. Mulailah dengan membeli sebuah buku yang kamu sukai, saya juga menyarankan untuk membeli buku import agar menambah kemampuan bahasa inggris kamu. Jika di daerah kamu tidak tersedia toko buku import, mungkin kamu bisa membelinya secara online di toko buku online seperti periplus, aksara, atau books&beyond. Minimal dengan mengeluarkan uang untuk membeli buku kamu menjadi sayang jika tidak membacanya. Mirip seperti alasan kenapa kamu sebaiknya berlangganan koran dan tidak membaca media online.
Buku The Power of Habit karya Charless Duhigg boleh jadi menjadi buku bacaan dengan bahasa inggris pertama kamu jika kamu ingin memulainya. Buku ini berisikan tentang bagaimana otak bekerja terhadap sesuatu yang kitas sebut dengan kebiasaan. Saya tidak menyarankan kamu membeli buku terjemahan. Jika ingin membeli buku berbahasa indonesia belilah buku yang ditulis oleh pengarng Indonesia langsung. Karena kadenga penerjemahan buku kadang tidak mengandung 100% makna dari buku aslinya.

5. Bangun pagi dan mulailah hari dengan sarapan dan segelas kopi atau coklat
Selain memang sudah seharusnya bangun pagi, rutinitas ini perlu kamu ciptakan agar kamu lebih produktif dan menjaga jam biologis pada tubuh kamu. Jika kamu tidak terbiasa dengan yang namanya sarapan atau ritual pagi lainnya mungkin kamu perlu belajar bangun pagi terlebih dahulu. Jika kamu juga adalah orang yang tidak terbiasa bangun pagi mungkin kamu boleh mencoba belajar tidur lebih awal, jika kamu kurang terbiasa tidur lebih awal berarti berarti ada banyak hal yang perlu kamu perbaiki salah satunya adalah kebiasaan harianmu.
Untuk mencapai poin ini kuncinya adalah tidur lebih awal. Masalah yang umum terjadi biasanya memang disebabkan oleh terbiasa mengerjakan tugas dan pekerjaan di malam hari atau memang kamu terlalu sering beraktifitas di dalam ruangan sehingga tubuh kamu tidak mengenali siang dan malam. Ini pula yang menyebabkan kadang otak tidak tahu kapan ia harus tidur dan kapan harus terjaga karena ini sangat berkaitan erat dengan sebuah hormon yang kerjanya dipengaruhi oleh cahaya matahari. Mulailah dengan menjadi lebih aktif pada siang hari adalah kuncinya.

6. Miliki aplikasi aplikasi penting
Sudah tidak dipungkiri bahwa kehidupan di era sekarang sangat dekat dengan teknologi. Kadang kamu harus membatasi jarak dengannya dan kadang kamu perlu juga sedikit memanfaatkannya. Berikit adalah beberapa aplikasi yang sangat membantu saya dalam beraktifitas.
Seperti yang sudah saya ceritakan di atas Flipboard sangat penting untuk kamu yang hanya punya sedikit waktu untuk membaca. Flipboard memberikan informasi yang penting dari yang paling penting kepada kita setiap harinya. Dan jika kamu mempunya flipboard, maka kamu perlu untuk punya sebuah aplikasi read later.
Pocket berguna saat kamu sedang berada di sebuah situs atau aplikasi sosial media yang menyediakan informasi yang menarik. Pocket akan bekerja dengan menyimpan artikel tersebut secara offline dan kemudian ketika kamu memiliki waktu senggang kamu bisa membacanya kembali. Pocket tersedia untuk laptop dan juga smartphone dan dapat tersinkronisasi sehingga kamu tak perlu khawatir kehilangan daftar bacaan kamu.
Jika kamu menggunakan windows mungkin kamu terbiasa mencatat sesuatu di notepad atau jika kamu pengguna mac kamu mungkin terbiasa mencatat sesuatu di textedit atau notes. Namun sayang ini tidak mempermudah kamu mencari file itu kembali disaat kamu memerlukannya. Evernote juga dilengkapi sistem formatting yang sudah cukup lengkap namun tetap preaktis digunakan. Mirip seperti Pocket evernote menyimpan data di sistem cloud dan dapat tersinkronisasi melalui banyak platform baik itu laptop ataupun smartphone sekalipun. Saya sering menggunakan evernote untuk berbagai keperluan terutama untuk keperluan drafting. Salah satunya saat saya menulis tulisan ini sebelum akhirnya saya post ke blog saya.
Sebenarnya saya bukan tipe yang suka mencatat pengingat di aplikasi seperti wunderlist. Untuk membuat reminder saya lebih sering menggunakan post it dan dinding kamar saya. Namun jika kamu ingin mencoba pengingat yang satu ini tidak ada salahnya.

7. Berubah itu dipraktekin dan kalau baca artikel itu jangan cuma baca tulisan yang ditebelin doang
Untuk mencoba ke-6 tips diatas akan menjadi percuma jika nggak dipraktekin. Walaupun saya juga sedang dalam proses memiliki kebiasaan-kebiasaan di atas tapi saya percaya jika mempraktekannya kadar porduktifitas dan kreatifitas saya akan jauh meningkat dibanding sekarang.